Pontine Island

Tourists visiting the major centers of Lazio and Campania who also want to enjoy a short break in the clear water, in the spring and summer depart for the Pontine Islands. The call of their beauty, excellent links, marinas and hospitality will make of these fishing islands a popular destination for summer fun accessible from the mainland in a few hours.
In the Tyrrhenian Sea, in fact, a few dozen kilometers from the Lazio coast lies the archipelago of the Pontine Islands, known just as the Pontine Islands. PonzaSi These six islands: Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and more, Ponza, from which the archipelago takes its name.
Magnificent islands, where the development of tourist accommodation is attentive to every need, but where nature, sea and landscape are always protagonists.

The most important island is Ponza, only eight square kilometers where some of rocky and sandy beaches, natural arches, stacks, unpolluted sea, romantic coves to moor and a magnificent rocky and hilly landscape.
And then there’s the town with its narrow streets, craft shops and the many local and where tourists like to spend evenings; magnificent houses with barrel roof and simple facades painted in pastel colors that overlook the harbor.
Those who love the sea life, will find in the Pontine islands an ideal place in which to spend their holidays.
In one island of Ponza in fact there are dozens of beaches and coves: the most famous, sandy and clear beach of Chiaia di Luna, to Lucia Rosa, beloved for its sunsets, the bay of Cala Feola with natural swimming pools, and Pediment of the beach, where many people come with punts for an aperitif.
But besides the beaches, the Pontine islands offer a magnificent sight even marine, much appreciated by divers.
Fantastic flooded the isthmus that joins Ponza Zannone. Not to mention the deep waters that guard ancient treasures: the Roman ships wrecks of ships sunk during World War II.