The path on the high pastures

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Easy trekking: Sezze – Sermoneta

Pristine nature on the Lepini Mountains

A day to discover nature. We quickly arrive to Antignana, a plain where we still find cows grazing, lakes and landscapes that help you recover well-being and serenity. The trail is easy and also offers exceptional views of the Pontine plain and islands. We get to Sermoneta, a jewel town which offers an exceptional view from the St. Francesco Monastery.

We start from the village of Sezze enjoying real natural life where we discover traditional crafts and rare sheep farmings. Breathtaking views. Getting to Sermoneta from this path is the best experience you can do before you visit the medieval hamlet and its castle. Lunch is at one of the local restaurants under the lodge in the city center or at a farm which produces Extra Virgin Olive oil.

 Adult: € 20,00 per person

Adult fee (pair): € 15,00 per person

Children: free 0-11 years (max 2)

Lunch: € 10.00 per person (in addition to the ticket)
Meeting: 9.30 am at “Valle dell’Usignolo” Farm – under Sermoneta
Minimum number: 10
Duration: 8 hours
Refunds: 100% within three days and in case of bad weather

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