The Territory

Dominated by the legendary Circeo Mountain, covering a vast plain, from the sea, dunes, lakes,coastal plain, lowland forest, villages, medieval abbeys and at all the way to the Lepini Mountains.School groups, families, individual tourists have the opportunity to stay for long vacations, short breaks, study programmes and have a historical and environmental education.You can explore and admire the beautiful scenery walking on the Via Francigena or climbing on the Circe Peak, biking in Circeo National Park, canoeing on the coastal lakes, horseback riding in the natural oasis and sailing in the Pontine Islands. Imagine hiking, sightseeing, tours, food and wine experiences, games and sport activities in the most interesting uncharted places of this area. Each activity of the tour packages brochure can be customized for any school groups. A long and thorough professional training, knowledge and passion for the territory distinguish Sentiero activities.

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