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Guided visit to the Garden of Ninfa, continuing towards the enchanting village of Sermoneta with a visit to Caetani’s Castle.

Some historical hints:

The territory of Sermoneta was already populated in archaic times. In this area, where Abbey of Valvisciolo currently standing, were the ancient City of Sulmo, cited by Virgil in Eneide. The expansion of Pontine swamps and the invasions of the Saracens pushed the inhabitants of the ancient Sulmo to move to the present Sermoneta, which is mentioned with this name already in the 11th century.In 1297 Boniface VIII Caetani bought for 140,000 golden ducats, Sermoneta, San Donato and Bassiano by expanding its vast possessions. In 1499 the applicants complained of the Caetani Vassals and neighboring countries favored the intervention of Pope Alexander VI Borgia, who took the opportunity to excommunicate the Caetani with the “Sacri Apostolatus Ministero” bubble and confiscate all the properties by giving them to her daughter Lucrezia, who administered the fortress until her father’s death, and then brought her to Caetani. Since then, Sermoneta assumed a role of great importance, becoming an economic, political and cultural point of reference for its strategic location, which could control Pedemontana, the only link between Rome and Naples. The importance and respect recognized by the papacy are evidenced by the participation of Onorato IV Caetani, in the capacity of commander of the papal infantry, in the battle of Lepanto (1571).

 Period: September / October 2017

Date: 03 and 17 September – 07 and 08 October 2017

Path: from Latina railway station, visit of Ninfa Garden + visit of the medieval Village of Sermoneta and Caetani Castle; visit of Valvisciolo Abbey and return to Latina railway station (always accompanied by an experienced guide).


  • Start from the Latin station; 11:25 am
  • Visit Ninfa’s garden; 11:50 am
  • Transfer x Sermoneta 13.15 hours (guided tour to the village and the castle)
  •  free lunch) —
  • start from Sermoneta at 17.20
  • visited Valvisciolo abbey at 17.35
  •  arrival at Latina station at 18.35


A day


11.25 am starting from the info point of “Il Sentiero” (parking SERMONETA side).


  1. By car from Latina Scalo, the road in the direction (mountains, directions to Latina) over the bridge over the Latina railway line goes over to the right the Sermoneta Shopping Center in Borgata Carrara and roundabout turn left following station indicating
  2. By train from Roma Termini or Napoli Centrale; stop at Latina station.


Cost per person; € 48,00

price with promotional discount: 28,00 € adult and teenagers (only for the first 10 booked !!)


People; max 20 people (10 pax per day with promotional discount; from 11th full price applies)

The fee includes: transfers to the shuttle bus, guided visit to the garden of Ninfa, guided visit to the hamvillage of Sermoneta and to the Caetani’s Castle, guided tour to Valvisciolo abbey.

The fee does NOT include: lunch, extra and what is not included in the “quota includes” item.



  • Please reach Latina Scalo’s info point 15 minutes in advance of the booked time.
  • In any case, the groups will leave at the established time in order not to penalize the other timely participants and to avoid confusion in the subsequent departures of the tours.
  • The reception and distribution service for the Ecotour tickets is however operative at the Latina Scalo LATO SERMONETA car park (ask the locality Borgata Carrara in the municipality of Sermoneta).


We suggest you to use reservation form and payment at the top of the page.

For reservations, in blocks here up, you must:

  1. specify the number for each age group of participants;
  2. click on the day chosen for the visit;
  3. click preferred time that will appear in the bottom of the box;
  4. then the button “Book now” will activate (only if there are still available places;
  5. after clicking on the purple icon “book now“, follow the reservation in the “basket“;
  6. fill the form with your billing details and make payment.

PAYPAL payment system allows you to pay ON LINE WITH ANY CREDIT CARD in the next window by clicking on “… do not you have a PayPal account?”


For further information, call Il Sentiero +39.345.07 94 416 or send an email to

Organized by RAVINALTOUR Travel Agency – Latina


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