Canoeing on Cavata River as far as Foro Appio (Forum Appii)

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An experience day that combines sports, adventure, history, surrounded by nature.

Cavata River rises at the base of the Lepini Mountains and crosses evocative places that for a real miracle, have survived the deforestation and the exploitation of the land for agricultural purposes. It starts in canoeing at the origins of the river, at the slopes of the medieval village of Sermoneta, sailing on the edge of the Regional Natural Monument “Acque Sorgive di Monticchio”.



The embarkation point  for the CANOE trip  is a small wood jetty from which  you go down to the confluence of the main branch of the river, fed by several springs in the Wood of Monticchio. This bifurcation, guarded by a very high age poplar, offers a wonderful view of Sermoneta and the ancient Norma perched on the Lepini Mountains.

The excursion continues for about 7Km (overall lenght) from the origins of the Cavata river (over a place Monticchio, at the base of Lepini Mountains, in the Municipality of Sermoneta) as far as Borgo Faiti, in the Municipality of Latina. Here the river flows through The Bonifica Canal, running parallel to the Appian way, passing under the ancient bridge built by the Romans, perfectly preserved and visible.

You can also see the remains of the Village of Forum Appii, (mentioned by St. Paul in The Acts of the Apostles) an important intersection of two important trade routes from the sea (Antium) e from the mountains (Norba).

Cicero and Orazio stopped at Forum Appii in 37 B.C., and a century later also St. Paul passed here to meet his Christian Brothers during his last trip to Rome. A reminder of that meeting there is a tombstone, whose incisions have been removed and they are illegible by unknown.




You can add the lunch (in Borgo Faiti) with an additional price.

IN COMBINATION WITH NINFA: if you want to immerse yourself totally in a unique panorama all over the world, combine this experience to visit the famous Oasis of Ninfa. For dates and purchase in combination contact the secretariat or 345 07 94 416.



3h and a half (excluding lunch)



Canoe rental; equipment rentals; guidance and assistance during the excursion; private landscapes road tax; parking and toilet facilities; accident insurance; reservation services; tax and charges.

  • Only canoe tour as far as Foro Appio: (42€)per person
  • Lunch in a restaurant: (25€) per person




Before booking ON LINE with payment with any credit card PLEASE SEND a PRE-REGISTRATION to the email address with the following information:

  • Preference date (which will be checked and confirmed by the secretariat, report if preferred morning or afternoon)
  • Name and surname of the person to contact
  • Number of participants (adults and children over 12)
  • phone number for contacts (confirmation, cancellation, other info)
  • email address for contacts (confirmation, cancellation, other info)
  • other useful information



The tour will be confirmed only upon reaching at least 10 paying adults.


Canoe tour departing from the locality of Monticchio near the restaurant “La Sorgente” in VIA ROMANA VECCHIA, 37 SERMONETA (LT) Unless otherwise indicated by the secretariat, departure is scheduled only in the morning (9.30 am)


For those arriving by car.

  1.   From Latina Scalo, road heading north (mountains, signs for Norma, Bassiano) after crossing the railway bridge pass the Sermoneta Shopping Center along Via Le Pastine;
  2.  At the roundabout, take the SECOND exit, 190 m
  3.  Turn right and take Via dell’Irto, 700 m
  4.  At the roundabout take the FIRST exit and take Via le Prate, 1.6 km
  5.  Turn LEFT and take Provincial Road Monticchio, 400 m
  6.  Turn slightly to the RIGHT and take Via del Sambuco, 600 m
  7.  Turn left and take Via Romana Vecchia, 1.5 km


DIFFICULTY: tourist excursion, practicable even by non-canoe experts, minimum athletic skill required. Capacity to use 2 or 3-seater canoes. Children over 12 must be accompanied by parents or an adult. The adult who accompanies the minor on the tour takes full responsibility for it.

EQUIPMENT FOR BOARDING: we recommend a sportswear, with long trousers, a hat and closed shoes. The shoes, especially those of children, should never be removed during the descents on the ground. A change of clothes, towels and drinking water are necessary. For excursions in the hot season it is suggested to wear a swimsuit under clothes. For excursions in the cold season it is suggested to wear sweatshirts and waterproof jackets over the clothes, to protect themselves from the cold from water splashes and rain.



We suggest you to use reservation form and payment at the top of the page.

For reservations, in blocks here up, you must:

  1. specify the number for each age group of participants;
  2. click on the day chosen for the visit;
  3. click preferred time that will appear in the bottom of the box;
  4. then the button “Book now” will activate (only if there are still available places;
  5. after clicking on the purple icon “book now“, follow the reservation in the “basket“;
  6. fill the form with your billing details and make payment.

PAYPAL payment system allows you to pay ON LINE WITH ANY CREDIT CARD in the next window by clicking on “… do not you have a PayPal account?”


For any further information, call the secretariat of the Cooperative Il Sentiero: +39 3450794416 or write
The Tour is proposed under the Technical Organization of Adv IL SENTIERO TRAVEL of Latina

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