Visit SATRICUM archaeological museum and the house of St. Maria Goretti

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Aurora Satricum and Le Ferriere.

Under the vineyard there is a buried city, the oldest in Rome, born around the temple of Mater Matura, the mother of life and the morning light. The underlying theme of the visit is that of femininity, the role of women from ancient times to today, from the pagan cults to the Holy Catholic martyr, from mother earth to the fruits of the earth, history, society, art and culture through the ideas of the archaeological Satricum, the ancient industry of Le Ferriere.


Guided tour of Satricum archaeological site (temple of Mater Matuta) and the Exhibition / Museum within the “Ferriere di Borgo Montello”, lunch at the diner, visit the House of the Martyrdom of Saint Maria Goretti.


About 6 hours, end of the visit 4.00 pm.


10.00 am


Adults and Teens from 12 years: €35,00 for promotion to €24.00 (offer valid only ON LINE: with reservation form and payment at the top of the page)

Children 0-5 years: only the cost dining consumption (for reservations enter the participating children number in the top of the page form)


Minimum number of participants: 10 people (in case of fewer visits will be canceled)

Recommended clothing: comfortable and sporty.

Grado difficulty: Tourist. Also suitable for children.

You should visit the winery Casal del Giglio and taste its wines.


For groups by appointment: contact the secretary for an offer, even for the Schools


Reservation form and payment at the top of the page

For reservations, in blocks here up, you must:

  1. specify the number and the age of participants;
  2. click on the day chosen for the visit;
  3. then the button “Book now” will activate (only if there are still available places;
  4. after clicking on the purple icon “book now“, follow the reservation in the “basket“;
  5. fill the form with your billing details and make payment.

PAYPAL payment system allows you to pay ON LINE WITH ANY CREDIT CARD in the next window by clicking on “… do not you have a PayPal account?”


For information call the secretariat of Il Sentiero: +39 3450794416

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